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About the One Hundred Ultra Trail Endurance World Championship

Welcome to the One Hundred Ultra Trail Endurance World Championship, an international trail running championship that brings together the world's best athletes and passionate runners from all around the globe. The championship consists of a series of challenging races taking place in breathtaking locations across Brazil, Portugal, and Italy. Our focus is on providing unforgettable experiences for runners and spectators alike, while promoting the growth and appreciation of trail running as a sport.

The One Hundred Trail World Championship features three main race distances: 200-mile, 100-mile, and 100km. These challenging courses are designed to test the endurance and determination of our participants, offering a variety of terrains and landscapes for runners to conquer. Each race is meticulously organized to ensure the highest level of safety, support, and enjoyment for all involved.

As a part of our commitment to expanding the reach of trail running and fostering a sense of community among athletes, we have opened our championship to international runners for the first time competing in a Trail Endurance World Championship from 100km to 200-miles. This exciting development allows us to welcome new talent and showcase the best of mountain trail running on a global stage.

We are also proud to announce that the One Hundred Ultra Trail Endurance World Championship in Brazil, will be broadcasted live on Rede Minas TV, providing unprecedented coverage for a trail running event on free-to-air television. This marks a significant milestone for our sport, as it brings the thrill and excitement of trail running into the homes of millions of viewers.

The championship offers individual and team rankings, along with cash prizes of up to a total of £100,000 for top-performing athletes. For the first time, teams will also have the opportunity to compete for a spot on the podium. As we continue to grow, we will be introducing more races into our calendar, with the goal of creating a league similar to Formula 1 in terms of media presence, number and quality of events, but focused on trail running.

Join us in celebrating the world of trail running, as we push the limits of human endurance and explore the beauty of nature in the One Hundred Ultra Trail Endurance World Championship!



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