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Join the GO&RUN Club and become a member of our exclusive community of passionate runners! As a member, you'll receive perks and loyalty rewards for every One Hundred® race you register for. You'll be issued a GO&RUN Miles Card that can be easily added to your digital wallet, giving you instant access to all of your benefits. Starting June 1st, 2023, we'll be issuing digital cards only, so don't wait to sign up. Join now and start enjoying the perks of being part of the GO&RUN Miles Club!

Perks for trail races - Turn miles into discounts on race registrations or our online store.
Turn miles into pounds - Earn £1 for every 10 miles you run in our races.
Turn pounds into miles - Earn 1 mile for every £10 spent on our online store.
No limits - Earn miles that go forever. All you have to do is visit our online store and what you do best: RUN!
All earned miles will be automatically matched at the end of your first year of membership.


The One Hundred Wolrd Championship comes with two hidden competitions within the 100 miles and 100km of every race. But, what are they?

The first ultra mountain trail world championship comes with a set of incredible features that vow to awe every athlete who participates in the competition.

From races hosted in some of the most beautiful places on Earth, to the jaw-dropping total purse of £100 000, the One Hundred Wolrd Championship doesn’t disappoint when it comes to surprises and a detail-oriented organisation of every event.

However, one of these features can go by very subtly and most people probably don’t know about it yet – unless they’ve paid attention to our social media pages.

Mountain Goat

One of the hidden competitions is called the Mountain Goat, and this is the title that athletes can claim for their own when they run one of the two ultra distances of our world championship races.

The Mountain Goat mini-competition is a timed segment of the ultra distances in the world championship, and spans along 10km with a 1000m elevation loss on technical trails.

The title is awarded to the fastest athlete to complete this segment.

And there’s the other hidden competition…

King of the Hill

Similar to the Mountain Goat competition, the King of the Hill is a timed segment of the ultra distances of every race. It spans along 10km on technical trails, but this time it has a 1000m elevation gain.

The King of the Hill will be the fastest athlete to complete this segment and reach the top of the race.

Both “hidden” competitions have their own prizes, and they also come with their own awards ceremony. They’re only available on the 100 miles and 100km distances of the world championship races, meaning that athletes participating in shorter distances will not be able to claim these titles.

Show us that you’ve got what it takes to bear one of these titles and sign up to the One Hundred Wolrd Championship.

The first race is happening from April 21-24, in Paraty, Brazil.

See you there:

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